What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your business to be more easily found by internet search engines and appear higher in the results. In today’s electronic age where so much customer research for buying goods and services and sourcing information is conducted using the internet, this is increasingly vital.

Customers expect to be able to conduct a web search using a search engine and have relevant businesses appear in the list of results. They often don’t look much further than the first page of results. So it is important that your business appears high on their list.

More than 250 million searches are conducted using Google every day, and this figure is growing. So are customer expectations of internet searches to provide fast, dependable results. It is more important than ever to be easily found on the web. SEO can achieve this for you.


Why use SEO?

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find you on the internet.

If they are searching for one of your products or services, they want to do business with someone in your industry. The higher up on the list of search results your business appears, the more visits you will get to your website and the more likely you’ll be to win their business.

SEO is effective and efficient for all industries in improving online marketing results. There’s no point building a great website if it can’t be found.

Brisbane web designer Oley Media Group is an SEO specialist. Oley can help increase your visibility online and build credibility by achieving high rankings in major search engines.


How do you get started?

Oley Media Group can optimise your website, making the process easy and affordable.

Getting started involves:

Keyword analysis – we research and establish a list of keywords that people use when searching for products and services that relate to your business. Including these keywords on your site helps to build good rankings and quality traffic.

Rank reports – these monitor the rank position for targeted keywords and phrases and demonstrate the progress that’s made as a result of SEO.

On-page optimisation – we fine-tune your website using the right keywords in the right places and improve internal links if necessary to get your website performing as well as possible.

Sitemap creation – we create a sitemap and submit it to the key search engines.

Off-page optimisation – we build links to your website on other powerful sites to make the most of their quality, basically giving you good references from reliable sources. This is proving extremely effective.

You will see positive results within one to two months of engaging Oley Media Group to perform search engine optimisation for your business. Let us help you to dominate the search engines!

If you particularly want to be visible in your local market, we can also assist with Google Maps optimisation. This helps small and local businesses appear in Google Maps results. It also increases search engine rankings by using local search engine optimisation.

As a Brisbane-based group, we can especially help you to be ranked high on searches for customers who specifically seek websites Brisbane based.

For more information or a quote please contact us, Brisbane web design and SEO specialists, Oley Media Group – email or phone 07 3103 1520.


What’s involved long term?

Like everything in business, you need to keep working at search engine optimisation to maintain good results.

Demands from search engines constantly change and what may rank well one week, may not the next. It can be very time consuming to keep up with all the changes needed to maintain your high ranking.

Brisbane SEO specialists, Oley Media Group can help you keep up with the changes and ahead of your competitors. Partner with us for ongoing SEO optimisation and we’ll keep your business where you want it to be – on top!

To maximise your SEO investment, you may consider combining your SEO with Google AdWords. SEO gets your website listed in the main search results. Google AdWords complements this, getting your website listed alongside those results. Both involve targeting keywords. By overlapping your keywords it will improve your search results.

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